RADspeed Pro SR5 System Release

With advanced Vision Support in collimator camera system, workflow and patient care is improved.

Shimadzu Corporation has announced the release of the high-end DR general X-ray system, the RADspeed Pro SR5 with new features and benefits to further enhance your departments workflow. Built on the ongoing success of our previous RADspeed systems, the new RADspeed Pro SR5 offers a sustainable product designed for reliable long-term use.

With the introduction of the all-new Vision Support, with Movement Detection and Last Image Display, operators can focus on patient care while workflow is further enhanced by the optional tracking, automatic positioning and automatic collimation. Even though the system is well balanced with easy movements, the Power Glide feature provided power assisted movement further reducing the burden on operators and is ideally suited to busy departments.

With a choice of 3 different DR imaging systems, all with wireless flat panel detectors, including 43 x 43cm large format detectors, Shimadzu can meet and exceed your imaging requirements.

The new RADspeed Pro SR5 system offers a sustainable product designed for reliable long-term use.


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