Sonialvision G4 LX edition

An all in one Remote Controlled Fluoroscopy system providing advanced imaging technology including Tomosynthesis, Slot and RSM-DSA.

With the Sonialvision G4, Shimadzu offers a total system – one that is useful in a variety of examinations and examination environments, providing high image quality, reduced exposure levels and easy operation.

The Sonialvision G4 is built on Shimadzu”s extensive experience in X-ray imaging and as such offers excellent flexibility and some unique features including:

    Dose reduction
  •   • Large Field of View (43x43cm)
  •   • Patient weight up to 318kg
  •   • Isocentric tilting
  •   • Automatic Positioning
  •   • Urology collimation
  •   • Offset collimation
  •   • Virtual collimation
  •   • Dose reduction technology
  •   • Image processing engine
  •   • Fluoroscopy
  •   • DR radiography
  •   • Slot radiography
  •   • Tomosynthesis
  •   • DSA & RSM DSA
  •   • DICOM – Worklist, Print, Store, Archive, MPPS

These features make this system ideal for a wide verity of examinations ranging from paediatric to bariatric, DR and series imaging all on one flexible platform.
The large field of view and high image quality is perfect for everything from routine checkups to specialized examinations and observations including gastrointestinal series and video fluoroscopic examinations for swallowing (VF).

The ultra small pixel pitch and high contrast that maximizes the Flat Panel Detector”s performance results in consistent high image quality.

Clear fluoroscopy and radiographic images with enhanced region of interest, suppressed halation near the skins surface and reduced shadows where organs overlap is provided by Shimadzu”s SUREengine, a state-of-the-art multi frequency image processing technology.

SUREengine FAST - The new image processing technology for ERCP and other fluoro based procedures.

SUREengine FAST uses high-speed computational processing to reduce image noise and lag, even at low dose rates. It significantly reduced X-ray dose while maintaining excellent image quality and real time performance required for endoscopic examinations.

Dose reduction

Equipped with various functions to effectively reduce exposure levels, the system provides peace of mind for both patients and attending personnel during examinations. This is of particular importance in paediatric and gynecological examinations.

  •   • Pulsed fluoroscopy
  •   • Fluoro loop store
  •   • Grid controlled fluoroscopy
  •   • Beam hardening filters
  •   • Asymmetric collimation
  •   • Virtual collimation
  •   • Removable grid
  •   • DAP meter integration
  •   • High performance Flat Panel Detector
  •   • Advanced digital imaging

Usability The area around the table is uncluttered and the monitors and local consoles can be freely configured.

A wide flat table top with high weight capacity ensures patient safety and easy cleaning while full patient coverage is achievable without moving the patient.

With the lowest minimum table height in its class, even frail patients can get on and off easily.

Simply pressing one button will position the system for optimal patient transfer, lowering the table and moving the X-ray tube unit out of the way for patient safety.

The comprehensive tableside controls allow the operator to focus on patient care throughout procedures.

Isocentric tilting means that the table can be tilted without changing the observation position while the large FOV Flat Panel Detector can be positioned close to the end of the table, allowing optimal patient positioning for urological procedures using optical endoscope.

The remote control foot switch adds an ideal user interface providing hands free intuitive operation.

In addition to the standard dose reduction features, utilizing the off-center urological collimation and removing the grid when appropriate further reduce patient dose.


Bariatric imaging

The wide, clean, seamless tabletop offers the highest weight capacity in its class, sufficient for even very heavy patients.

In addition, with the high power X-ray generator, tube and advanced digital image processing bariatric procedures are routinely supported.

Imaging The flexibility of the Sonialvision G4 is further evident in the wide range of acquisition modes available:

  •   • Pulsed Fluoroscopy
  •   • DR Radiography
  •   • Series Acquisition
  •   • DSA & RSM DSA
  •   • Video Swallow
Advanced Imaging

Additional advanced technologies ensure that current and future imaging needs are realized:

  •   • Slot radiography
  •   • Tomosynthesis
  •   • DSA & RSM DSA


Slot radiography provides a quick and efficient way to acquire long leg and full spine images. Images can be acquired with the table in any position from supine to erect making weigh bearing procedures easy.

The large Flat Panel Detector and the slit beam exposure method results in better patient coverage than traditionally achievable with CR cassettes. In addition, the slot technique produces low dose images with minimal geometric distortion and accurate measurements.

Tomosynthesis is an automated acquisition process that acquires several images while the tube is moving in an arc across the region of interest, similar to the more conventional topographic movement.

The series of images are then processed in a "Cone Beam" or CT-type back projector resulting in a volume of data. The volume of data is then available for investigation by scrolling through the volume in a series of slices.

Slice thickness can be post processed in a similar manor to that used in CT imaging. Slices of interest can be extracted as required for further investigation, printing and DICOM storage.

Tomosynthesis provides numerous key advantages including:

  •   • Low dose
  •   • Weight bearing
  •   • Low metal artifacts
  •   • High spatial resolution
  •   • High quality imaging in plaster fixation
  •   • Easy positioning
  •   • Fast acquisition
  •   • Large FOV


T-Smart is an advanced version of Tomosynthesis, using Iterative Reconstruction (IR). This results in superior image quality, clearly displaying trabecular detail and less metal artifacts.

T-Smart ideal for assessing:
  •   • Bone/Implant interface assessment
  •   • Hardware screw loosening
  •   • Fracture healing status adjacent to fixation plates

The large field of view means that DSA can be used for examinations of the hepatic artery to the entire lower extremities.

The RSM-DSA filter provides continuous automatic masking resulting in a DSA-like image even when the patient or the table is moved. It produces excellent results where patient movement is inevitable, such as bolus chasing and abdominal examinations, especially when the patient finds it difficult to hold their breath.

An optional overhead X-ray tube and a wireless Flat Panel Detector can be used in conjunction to provide lateral shoot through and for other out of buck procedures.

In addition, a bucky wall stand with a fixed or wireless Flat Panel Detector can be included to further improve your workflow.

Full DICOM 3 network compatibility ensures patient information can be registered, printed and sent smoothly to your servers.
This provides for an optimised workflow:

  •   • Register the patient using "Worklist"
  •   • Select the desired examination (APR)
  •   • Perform the examination using the pre-programmed examination sets
  •   • Print DICOM images if desired
  •   • Send DICOM images to PACS
  •   • Procedure complete
  •   • MPPS support throughout the procedure
  •   • RDSR Radiation dose information report

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