Environmental Management

For the Well-being of both Mankind and the Earth

Shimadzu Environmental Management

As an “eco solution provider,” Shimadzu strives to solve environmental problems and increase corporate value. Given the various increasingly serious environmental problems, such as climate change, resource depletion, and ecosystem destruction, transitioning to a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society will be essential in order to achieve progress and growth toward a sustainable society. Therefore, Shimadzu considers transitioning to a carbon-free and recycling-oriented society as an important management issue.

Accordingly, we will use an ISO 14001 environmental management system to implement the following four activities. We also recognize the importance of disclosing financial information related to climate change (Task Force on Climate- related Financial Disclosures) and will actively disseminate such information.

(1) Constantly improve the energy efficiency and reduce the size of all products to minimize the environmental impact of products over the course of their entire product life cycle.

(2) Strive to reduce our environmental impact by specifying medium and long-term CO2 emission reduction targets for the Shimadzu Group and develop closer partnerships with suppliers to actively increase the use of solar or other renewable energies and reduce the use of hazardous chemical substances, for example.

(3) Contribute to building a sustainable society by supplying instruments for environmental testing of water, air, soil, and so on, and products and technologies that solve challenges involved in developing new materials and alternative energies for reducing global environmental impact.

(4) Partner with community groups or educational institutions, for example, to deploy a wide range of activities, such as creating forests to protect biodiversity or conducting classes at schools or other locations to educate people about the environment. Furthermore, use an environmental management system to implement those activities.

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Shimadzu Integrated Report

Shimadzu has combined its Annual Report and Environmental and Social Report into a single document and named it the “Shimadzu Integrated Report”. Shimadzu Integrated Report 2021 Shimadzu's “Medium and Long-Term Programs,” will continue to reduce the burden on the environment due to business activities and contribute to creating a low-carbon future through our core business, the development of product.

Since global-scale efforts are necessary to deal with issues such as greenhouse gas emission, global warming and energy related issues; Shimadzu continues with our “Save the Energy Project”.

Its aim is to develop new products with high energy-saving potential that can consume at least 25% less power than former models resulting in reduced running costs as well as combating global warming.

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Click Here to download a full PDF version of the Shimadzu Integrated Report 2020