Global History

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Important Dates in Shimadzu's History

2015 Celebrating the 140th anniversary of foundation.

2011 Established new R&D center for analytical and measuring instruments in China.

2008 Shimadzu Corporation to Take Over Turbo-Molecular Pump Business of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

2006 Completed new analytical instruments plant in Sanjo Works.
Established Shimadzu UK, Shimadzu France and Shimadzu Benelux.
Established Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt. Ltd in India.
Established Shimadzu (Guangzhou) Analysis & Technology Services Co., Ltd. In China to perform contract analysis.

2005 Celebrated the 130th anniversary of foundation.
Strengthened measures to develop molecular imaging instruments, a next-generation medical technology.
Established Shimadzu Device Corporation to manufacture optical components.
Established Shimadzu A-tech Manufacturing Corporation to manufacture analytical and measuring instruments.

2003 Developed world first direct-conversion Flat Panel Ditector for the diagnostic X-ray imaging system.

2002 Mr. Koichi Tanaka was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
1999* Shimadzu (SUZHOU) Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in China.

1998* Shimadzu (Hong Kong) Ltd.

1996* Shimadzu Philippines Manufacturing Inc.* Shimadzu U.S.A. Manufacturing Inc.* Shimadzu Medical Systems (Oceania) Pty Ltd.

1997* Shimane Shimadzu Corporation in Japan.

* Shimadzu Vietnam Medical High-Tech Company Ltd.

1994* Shimadzu Australia Manufacturing Pty Ltd.

1993 Developed lactic acid based bio-degradable plastic.

* A joint venture, Beijing Shimadzu Medical Equipment co., Ltd., in China.

1992* Toshbro Shimadzu Pvt, Ltd., a joint venture, in India.

1991* Keihanna Research Laboratory.
* Hadano Works.

1989 Acquired Kratos Group Plc., U.K.

1987 Started manufacture of analytical instruments in F.R. Germany.

1986 Emperor Akihito (Crown Prince at that time) visited Sanjo Works.

1985 * Atsugi Works, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Started manufacture of opto-electronic equipment.

1984 Developed MRI systems.
Started manufacture of opto-electronic equipment.

1983 Started manufacture of analytical instruments in U.S.A. Started Production Engineering Laboratory.

1979* Shimadzu Precision Instruments, Inc. in U.S.A.

1975* Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. in U.S.A.

1971* Analytical Applications Centre. (Now Application Development Center)

1968 Shimadzu (Europa) GmbH in F.R.Germany.

1985 * Atsugi Works, Kanagawa Prefecture.

1956 Developed gas chromatographs for the first time in Japan.

1951 Former Emperor Hirohito visited Sanjo Works, the main factory.

1947 Started manufacture of electron microscopes for the first time in Japan.

1936 Started manufacture of aircraft equipment.

1934 Developed spectrographs for the first time in Japan.

1930 Genzo Shimadzu, Jr (1869-1951) was invited to the Emperor s dinner party as one of the ten greatest inventors of Japan.

1919* Sanjo Works, the main factory today.

1909 Built a medical X-ray apparatus for the first time in Japan. Shimadzu was reorganised as a joint-stock Company. Started manufacture of material testing machines.

1896 Umejiro Shimadzu assumed the name of his father, Genzo Shimadzu, and in cooperation with his younger brother, succeeded taking roentgenograms for the first time in Japan. It was the year after Dr Roentgen discovered X-rays.

1877 Genzo Shimadzu manufactured a balloon, and successfully launched it, with a person in it, from the Old Imperial Palace in Kyoto.

1875 Genzo Shimadzu (1839-1894) began to manufacture physical and chemical instruments. It was the first step of Shimadzu's activity.