Next Generation FPD's


Canon - Next Generation Wireless FPD's

Durable IPX7 Wireless FPD solutions providing improved workflow and patient care.

The new Canon FPD's incorporate some key design features and innovations intended to improve your workflow and patient care within your organization.


A selection of 3 different sizes providing optimal patient care:

•  43 x 43 cm - CXDI-410CW (Large FOV)
•  35 x 43 cm - CXDI-710CW (General imaging)
•  27 x 35 cm - CXDI-810CW (Ideal for Humidicribs and neonatal imaging)

Lightweight and Durable

Using superlight and strong carbon fibre construction techniques, Canon has achieved significant weight reduction, providing light durable panels.

Patient loads of up to 130kg are supported

Waterproof IPX7

Contact with fluids is inevitable, particularly in emergency and high dependency care. The composite detector design provides IPX7 compliance which means that the detector can withstand up to 30 minutes in water to a depth of 1m without incurring damage.


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