MobileArt eco MUX 10

Ergonomically designed with a small footprint and flexibility for working in confined spaces.

The telescopic X-ray tube support arm allows for easy positioning, especially when only limited space is available while maximizing patient coverage without the need to continually relocate the main unit.

The conveniently located “All Free” lock control buttons provide easy positioning and alignment of the X-ray tube during procedures. The tube rotation, support arm and film-focus distance can be easily adjusted.

With its large wheels and step mechanism for lifting the front wheels, you can easily "step over" obstacles, such as gaps in the floor level or the entrance into the elevators.

Maneuverability - The compact design provides good forward visibility when traveling around your facility.

Change Direction – The unit can be turned on the spot providing excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.

Simply select from one of the 72 preset examination protocols corresponding to radiographic region, orientation and body thickness for the current procedure.
Manual exposure selection is provided and preset protocols may be easily programmed to your requirements.

The microprocessor controlled X-ray generator uses a variable high frequency regulator to provide precise exposure control resulting in high image quality.

(Option) A high power 200mAs version is available as an option, providing further improvements in performance.