Planmed Clarity

Excellent image quality combined with user-friendly design and patient comfort create a new premium standard for mammography imaging.

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Planmed Clarity™ 3D is the most compact and
user-friendly, combined Digital Mammography and
Breast Tomosynthesis system in the market.

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Planmed Clarity™ Flow screens with OneTouch™
workflow and descriptive, intuitive graphics.

Excellent Usability
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SideAccess™ for better breast positioning
MaxView™ for increased breast tissue
in the field of view

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A choice of colours is available
for your selection

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A New Way to Image
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis


The novel and elegant Planmed Clarity™ system offers top of the line digital mammography with great promise for the future.
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Planmed Clarity Brochure

Planmed Clarity Tomosynthesis Brochure

Planmed Clarity 2D™

  •   • Digital Mammography
  •   • Excellent Usability
  •   • High Image Quality
  •   • Low Dose
  •   • Optional DBT

Planmed Clarity 3D™
  •   • Digital Mammography
  •   • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)
  •   • Iterative Reconstruction
  •   • Continuous Sync-and-Shoot™


Planmed Clarity™ 2D can be upgraded to Digital Breast Tomosynthesis at any time.

The unique Continuous Sync-and-Shoot™ movement and innovative TomoMarker™ technology ensure great visibility of microcalcifications and other delicate structures.

  •   • Superior acquisition geometry detection
  •   • Improved tomographic image quality and accuracy
  •   • Lightweight
  •   • Easy add-on DBT solution


Clarity Biopsy The Planmed ClarityGuide™ is a high-precision stereotactic biopsy system. The exceptionally light-weight needle guidance unit, built-in connections, and compatibility with vertical or optional lateral vacuum-assisted biopsy devices make it versatile and simple to use.

The Planmed Clarity™ Flow touch control provides intuitive and interactive guidance throughout the stereotactic biopsy procedure

Clarity Breast Imaging Ensuring the best possible image quality at the lowest achievable patient dose is an everyday challenge in mammography. With the help of leading experts in the field, Planmed have been able to constantly meet the highest standards of patient care and safety – and then exceed them.

The post processing for contrast, sharpness and brightness can be fine-tuned to achieve the perfect image.

Clarity Innovations

  •   • TomoMarker™ technology -
    Clear and sharp artefact-free images with optional Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  •   • Configurable dual touchscreen displays -
    Perfect usability for fast and easy daily work with the Planmed Clarity™ Flow touch control
  •   • Full Field Flex-AEC™ -
    Large AEC area coverage for optimal imaging in every imaging mode
  •   • Rugged detector and ultra compact bucky -
    Steady and durable detector with ultra compact bucky for easy patient positioning
  •   • MaxView™ breast positioning system -
    Maximal tissue visibility for enhanced diagnostics
  •   • SideAccess™ patient positioning system -
    Optimal ergonomics for patient positioning


Clarity Ergonomics

Planmed’s mammography units are created with the utmost attention to detail with a focus on make breast exams as easy and encouraging as possible.

The personalised colours, curved chin guards and extended handles improve patient comfort while the customisable dual touchscreens improve workflow.

Clarity Flow

The Planmed Clarity™ Flow touch control will completely change your mammography experience. It is a completely new and unique way to access unit functions in an easy-to-learn environment.

Planmed Clarity Flow offers a customisable mammography workflow solution for all.

Clarity Usability The Planmed Clarity™ Flow touch control with dual customisable touchscreens provides a clear and simplified user experience. You can display a reference mammogram at the unit to aid in positioning, for example, or use your own individual workflow sequence.

  •   • On screen guide
  •   • One touch workflow
  •   • Pinch to zoom
  •   • Precision targeting


Clarity Ergonomics Positioning a patient for a screening mammogram often requires awkward posture, and in the long term users can suffer from repetitive stress injuries. To enhance wellbeing, Planmed Clarity™ 2D is full of features that improve positioning ergonomics.
Key Features

  •   • SideAccess™ patient positioning
  •   • Manual compression
  •   • Curved, contoured chin guard
  •   • Extended patient handlebars
  •   • New adjustable touchscreen displays
  •   • Multipurpose base with colour display
  •   • Ultra compact bucky
  •   • Optimal axial compression


Clarity MaxView The Planmed patented MaxView™ breast positioning system enables optimal breast tissue visibility in all routine mammography views.

The innovative MaxView™ uses moving, hygienic, radiolucent sheets above and below the compressed breast. During compression, gentle traction is applied and the sheets draw the breast into the imaging field. MaxView™ captures more tissue in the field of view, providing better clinical outcomes.

Clarity Workstation

The optional Planmed review workstation is a multimodality diagnostic reading station. The elegant and simple interface with the optional Planmed DigiPad™ shortcut keyboard guarantees a fast workflow in all situations.

Clarity Colour

Give your Planmed Clarity™ 2D system a personal touch by combining its eye-catching design with your favorite colour.