Veterinary Imaging Package

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Cover image The advanced veterinary solution providing easy operation with consistent image quality while reducing daily running costs.

This solution can easily be added to an existing X-ray system.

  Konica Minolta Veterinary Imaging Package


    1. To acquire an image just click on “CR”


    1. An exposure is made on an imaging plate


    1. The plate is inserted into the reader


The fully automated imaging process produces consistent optimises images, offering an all in one solution.


Konica Minolta has developed a unique processing method whereby image data is optimised without the need to select animal type, body part or size. This greatly improves the speed and success rates for the “ideal image” every time.

Image data from CR,DR,CT, MRI, Ultrasound, digital cameras and other sources can be imported and handled at the Image Pilot console. Search and registration fields provide quick and easy access to your data. All in one


All the images and information entered into the system can be exported electronically and in customised paper reports.

The Konica Minolta Aero wireless flat panel detector together with the CS7 operating console can easily be added to the Image Pilot system providing a comprehensive upgrade path.

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