Regius 210 CR System

Logo   CR for Mammography and Paediatrics.

R 210

CR Plate technology with columnar crystal phosphor for Mammography and Paediatrics.

Flexability Utilising the unique hybrid design the system is capable of 100 plates per hour throughput.

Providing the ultimate sharing concept with readers and consoles able to be located separately.

All this in a footprint of just 59 x 58 cm.

   Konica Minolta Regius 210 Brochure




The system has the choice of two console types allowing remote users or radiographers to have a higher level of control of all image functions.




The intuitive screens step you through the QA and image validation process allowing concise control of image manipulation.

All displays are performed in real time.



The Konica PCM system is the worlds first using Phase Contrast Techniques.
Ultra-high density image data is obtained 4.0 on film.

Alignment is done automatically and can be adjusted to align left and right breast images on one film.




Regius 210 has High Speed and Image Quality, and user-friendly console software to provide versatility and useability for your department.





The system features a side panel that allows easy cleaning of the optical unit by the operator – no more waiting for service men to turn up.
Similarly, unjamming cassettes is a user process and takes seconds saving you time and stress.