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Aero Retrofit Kit

The Konica Minolta AeroSync retrofit is designed to provide an easy and cost effective upgrade path form Film or CR to DR.
The kit includes all the required hardware and software as well as an Aero DR FPD. This provides a cost effective upgrade path from analogue to digital.

The Aero DR portable upgrade kit is designed to be installed as a retrofit to your existing or a new analogue mobile or X-ray room. In addition, this upgrade kit can be used to upgrade an analogue X-ray room to a full wireless FPD system.

The lightweight and cable free operation of the Aero DR wireless digital flat panel detector system allows for easy patient and image detector positioning while reducing patient discomfort and stress during portable procedures. The portable imaging console provides preview images within 3 seconds which allows the operator the opportunity to check the image before repositioning the patient or flat panel. The design of the Aero DR retrofit kit makes it ideal in surgery and the ER.

The compatible wireless FPS’s can be shared between your retrofitted mobile and your X-ray rooms to further improve your workflow. Furthermore, full CR functionality is supported to streamline any transition from analogue to digital departments.

The CS-7 portable control station features the same powerful yet easy to use imaging software environment as found on the CS-7 control station used in general radiography rooms. This common user interface delivers a family of tools that ensures the same outstanding image quality and usability regardless of imaging application. Image preview is available in approximately 3 seconds and can be viewed before leaving the patients side.

Full DICOM functionality is included in the operator’s console and a network connection can be made to the hospital network using a cable network point of preferably a wireless network. The patient worklist can be automatically updated and images can be sent wirelessly to the hospital PACS and or images while performing ward rounds.