RADspeed Pro style edition MF

The RADspeed Pro style edition MF is a high-performance general radiographic floor mounted X-ray system.

RADspeed Pro style edition Automatic

The RADspeed Pro style edition MF series is Shimadzu's general radiographic system for compact floor-ceiling / wall mounted tube support installations. Designed to exacting specifications, this solution delivers high-performance, high-quality, and cost-effective operation in a superior general radiographic system.

The microcomputer controlled high frequency X-ray generator includes full integration into the offered DR imaging systems, providing RIS mapping and excellent automatic operation with full manual override available at any time during the procedures.

The illumination colour can change according to the Bucky table or X-ray tube settings selected. Different alarm sounds can also be specified for various events, such as when preparation for exposure is complete.

X-ray Generator

DR Imaging A choice of our premium DR imaging solutions is offered for your selection:

  •   • Shimadzu
  •   • Konica Minolta
  •   • Canon

Each of these solutions provide a selection of 3 wireless flat panel detector sizes to choose from, including full format 43 x 43cm wireless detectors.


Bucky Table The compact, space-saving high-frequency generator and tube support provide greater working space and a flexible layout.

Bucky Wall Stand Tube positioning can be performed easily and quickly with the fine-tuned counter weight balance mechanism.

As an option, a rotating Bucky tray for a 35 x 43cm wireless flat panel detector is offered for the Bucky wall stand and/or the Bucky table.
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