RADspeed Pro style edition MC

The RADspeed Pro style edition MC is a high-performance general radiographic ceiling-suspended X-ray system.

RADspeed Pro style edition Automatic

    A ceiling-suspended X-ray tube system with a wide range of movement providing excellent imaging, technique flexibility and easy access to the patient, ideal for imaging centres demanding high productivity to meet high patient throughput.

The microcomputer controlled high frequency X-ray generator includes full integration into the offered DR imaging systems, providing RIS mapping and excellent automatic operation with full manual override available at any time during the procedures.

The illumination colour can change according to the Bucky table or X-ray tube settings selected. Different alarm sounds can also be specified for various events, such as when preparation for exposure is complete.

X-ray Generator

DR Imaging A choice of our premium DR imaging solutions is offered for your selection:

  •   • Shimadzu
  •   • Konica Minolta
  •   • Canon

Each of these solutions provide a selection of 3 wireless flat panel detector sizes to choose from, including full format 43 x 43cm wireless detectors.


Tube Support The overhead tube support offers flexibility and ease of use.
The vertical stroke of the ceiling tube support is 1,600 mm, providing excellent coverage for all procedures, including standing patients.

Bucky Table The new Bucky table BK-120MK can easily lift up to 200kg. Patient positioning is made easier with the smooth-moving table top.

The unit's minimum height of 535mm makes it easy for old and young patients alike to get on and off the examination table.

In addition, a selection of tables is available for your consideration.

Bucky Table Synchronized Vertical Movements of the X-Ray Tube Unit and Bucky Unit:

The focal point of the X-ray tube unit moves up and down in conjunction with the vertical positioning of the X-ray Bucky wall stand and the X-ray Bucky table.

For a table study, the X-ray tube automatically moves to a pre-set SID, enabling accurate and fast positioning.

This allows the operator to focus on patient care and improves workflow.

Orderly Cable Management Shimadzu provides an optional tractable cable management system along the ceiling rails that supports neat cable management and smooth positioning.

As an option, a rotating Bucky tray for a 35 x 43cm wireless flat panel detector is offered for the Bucky wall stand and/or the Bucky table.
X-ray Generator