Flexavision F4

Multi-purpose Digital R/F System for both Fluoroscopy and Radiography - Flexavision F4 package

Flexavision F4

The Flexavision F4 is the latest model of our evolving Flexavision series, equipped with a new 43 x 43cm large-field flat panel detector which is capable of fluoroscopy and wireless radiography.

The high-performance system provides further evolution of its flexibility in fluoroscopic examinations, with extensive possibilities in general radiography using a large field of view, wireless flat panel detector.

Flexavision F4 room

The Flexavision F4 provides a further evolution in its flexibility to meet your needs. The portable wireless flat panel detector can be combined with a bucky stand, ceiling-mounted X-ray tube, and additional flat panel detectors as required.

Therefore, your fluoroscopy room can also function as a radiography room, improving workflow and clinical outcomes.

It could also be useful when multiple radiography examination rooms are necessary for infectious disease countermeasures.

Flexavision F4 includes a light, detachable, wireless flat panel detector. This transforms the Digital R/F unit into a 2-in-1 system that can perform both fluoroscopy and general radiography with ease.

We call this a "Single-panel solution" for minimising your investment with the single wireless flat panel detector.

The 600kHU high-capacity X-ray tube and the ability to switch from fluoroscopy to radiography in only 0.9s ensure stress-free exams.

F4 Oblique Imaging

Gastrointestinal Studies

Oblique projection function makes it easy to observe the stomach orientation from any direction.



F4 Swallow Examinations

Swallow Examinations

A column that extends up to 150 cm provides a claustrophobic workspace, which, together with ergonomically located system controls, allowing the operator to focus on patient care.



F4 Endoscopic Studies

Endoscopic Studies

The high-definition, high resolution fluoroscopy mode enables even more detailed observation of small devices, such as a catheter tip or a stent.

F4 DSA option

DSA* with frame rates up to 15 fps supports angiography procedures.

A Roadmap function is included for overlaying fluoroscopic or DSA images previously acquired during a procedure on the live fluoroscopy image.


F4 DSA option

The wireless Flat Panel Detector can be removed from the table bucky and used in an optional Bucky Wall Stand fitted with a removable grid.

Either the integrated X-ray tube or an optional second overhead X-ray tube can be used for Bucky Wall Stand examinations.

The wireless Flat Panel Detector can be removed from the table bucky and used in conjunction with an optional overhead mounted X-ray tube to perform lateral shoot through examinations.

F4 Out Of Bucky The wireless Flat Panel Detector can be removed from the table bucky and used with either the integrated X-ray tube or an optional overhead mounted X-ray tube to perform out of bucky examinations.

Additional wireless Flat Panel Detectors can be added to further improve flexibility and workflow.

F4 Paediatriacs Pulsed fluoroscopy as low as 2 fps and automatic Beam-Hardening filters are used to minimise X-ray dose levels.

Further dose reduction is achieved by removing the grid, regardless of the table position, and using the virtual collimation that enables adjust of the collimating field without radiation

Calculated X-ray dose values are clearly displayed on the monitor, providing a reference for X-ray dose levels during examinations.

Dose values are managed as DICOM information and output in CSV, DICOM MPPS and RDSR for review and archiving F4 DR Images