Genoray Oscar 15

Powerful, Light, Versatility and Performance - "Genoray makes the invisible visible"  

Genoray makes the invisible visible

Driven by passion for X-Ray technology, Genoray stands up to the incessant challenges to lead a healthy life by committing to the improvement of our products.

Open Space

The large 800mm of free space and 150° orbital rotation provides excellent functionality at the point of care.


The microprocessor controlled High Frequency, optomised X-ray generator provides precise regulation and control of the X-ray dose.

  • » 15kW
  • » Rotating anode X-ray tube
  • » High Frequency Generator (HFG)


Dose Modes

The advanced protocols include Low Dose Mode, a function that sets and manages the radiation dose automatically and provides an optimised image based on the procedure type and site.
This reduces the radiation dose to the patient and scatter radiation to the operators during procedures while providing excellent clinical images.

Auto and Virtual Collimation

The Auto Collimation function reduces the radiation dose after detecting and controlling the outside space of the target area.

Virtual collimation is a function that sets the customised area for reducing unnecessary radiation dose.

Live Image and Control

The large 10.4" colour touch screen control panel provides intuitive system control and includes a live image display for the operator.

Angiography Package (Option)

The optional DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) package provides real-time DSA imaging for advanced procedures.

The Oscar 15 offers flexibility with exceptional images quality based on the advanced CMOS detector and 15kW high frequency X-ray generator. It is a culmination of the ongoing developmental experience from Genoray.
Oscar 15 Open Space

  • » General Surgery
  • » Pain Management
  • » Orthopaedic Surgery
  • » Trauma Procedure
  • » Urology Procedure
  • » Cardiac Surgery
  • » Peripheral Artery Diseases
  • » Neuro and Spine Surgery