Shimadzu DR

Shimadzu DR wireless flat panel detectors are light weight and durable, and together with the customisable DR workstation, provide excellent clinical images and workflow.
A selection of 3 different sizes providing optimal patient care:

  •   • 43 x 43 cm - Large field of view
  •   • 35 x 43 cm - General imaging
  •   • 25 x 30 cm – Extremities & Paediatrics


Designed with the user in mind, the digital control console is customisable and offers easy navigation and touch screen* features to simplify procedures and improve workflow.

The lightweight ergonomic design of the Shimadzu detectors incorporates rounded edges and recessed handgrips providing excellent workflow.

Through advanced design and construction methods, the Shimadzu detector can handle the demands of a modern X-ray practice with excellent patient load capacity:

Up to 400 kg Patient load: Surface
Up to 200 kg Patient load: 40mm diameter

The Shimadzu DR detectors are easily charged using a USB-C charger and cable.
Each detector includes a battery status indicator and can provide a full day’s work on a single charge:

  •   • 43 x 43cm: Up to 15 hours per charge
  •   • 35 x 43cm: Up to 15 hours per charge
  •   • 25 x 30cm: Up to 7.5 hours per charge

A cradle for safe storing and easy charging is available as an option.


X-ray detectors may be used in a harsh environment with unavoidable exposure to water and dust.

Ensuring stable operation in any circumstance, the Shimadzu DR detectors conform to the water and dust resistance rating of IP67, ensuring excellent fluid and dust ingress protection.

More durable product design will provide you with the superior values: better usability, more stable operation, and low maintenance cost.

The new Shimadzu DR series wireless detectors are provided with on-board image memory for those situations where you need the detector to be fully independent.

Up to 200 images can be stored within the Flat Panel Detector's on-board memory and transferred to a workstation at your convenience, providing additional redundancy and flexibility within your department.

Automatic Stitching of up to 6 images is provided as standard within the supplied software. Images can be acquired either erect or supine and stitched together to produce long leg or long spine images.

Manual correction and adjustment are provided for fine corrections if required.