Planmeca ProFace

3D facial photo option

Planmeca ProFace is a unique option available for the whole Planmeca ProMax 3D family. The upgraded unit captures a realistic 3D face photo in addition to traditional maxillofacial 2D and 3D radiography.
The 3D face photo is acquired in a radiation-free process. Combined with the patient’s CBVT image, the 3D photo is a valuable asset for both pre-operative planning and treatment follow-up. Planmeca ProFace is designed to complete the Planmeca ProMax platform which utilizes the acknowledged SCARA technology and delivers clear 3D imaging with a limited radiation dose.

Planmeca ProMax 3D ProFace

ProFace ImageAcquiring a 3D face photo requires no additional steps in the workflow. The Planmeca ProMax 3D unit equipped with ProFace acquires both a 3D photo and a CBVT image in one rotation. Alternatively, the 3D photo can be acquired separately. The 3D photo is a result of a completely radiation-free process: lasers scan the facial geometry, and digital cameras capture the colour texture of the face. The Planmeca Romexis software then combines the information into a 3D photo that can be analysed as a separate image or as part of a CBVT image.
ProFace image The 3D photo visualizes soft tissue in relation to facial bones and dentine, making it a safe and effective follow-up tool for orthodontic, maxillofacial and aesthetic operations. As the upgraded unit acquires both a CBVT image and a 3D photo in a single scan, the patient position, facial expression, and muscle position remain unchanged. This results in perfectly compatible images. A 3D photo makes the comparison of pre and postoperative situations easy by visualizing the aesthetic results, and is thus a great tool for preoperative planning and treatment follow-up. Furthermore, the medical professionals can study the facial anatomy more carefully to facilitate a more detailed operation resulting in improved outcomes.


iPad Available option for the whole Planmeca ProMax 3D family:
- Planmeca ProMax 3D - Planmeca ProMax 3D Mid - Planmeca ProMax 3D Max
• Only one imaging session required to create both a 3D photo and a CBVT volume
• 3D photo acquisition can also be acquired separately in 100% radiation-free process
• Utilise 3D photo in dedicated orthodontic, maxillofacial and plastic surgery planning software
Imaging console Planmeca Romexis is comprehensive software for acquiring, viewing and processing 2D and 3D images. All patient images are conveniently processed in a single package software making Planmeca Romexis a powerful tool for studies with multiple image types. Planmeca iRomexis mobile application also enables you to take your work on the road or to quickly share studies with other professionals around the world.
• Automatically combined CBVT and 3D photo of the patient
• Provides photorealistic documentation
• Multiple tools for measuring, comparing, adjusting, and superimposing images with supreme usability
• Provides an objective foundation for quantifying patient outcomes
• Outstanding for colleague and patient communication
• Images can be exported to 3rd party orthodontic and surgery simulation software

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ProFace Advantages
Pre and postoperative comparisons  
Measure distances and relations with bone and soft tissue  
Superimpose images to see the difference  
Deviation for instant viewing of changes  
Visualisation of soft tissue in relation to dentin and facial bones  
Photorealistic documentation