Planmeca Viso

Exceptional quality to the finest detail

Planmeca VisoTM is an ideal combination of premium image quality and high-end usability. It possesses all the qualities of a world class CBCT unit – and more. The unit is an impressive step forward in the evolution of cone beam imaging.

Viso Brochure

Patient positioning is done directly from the CBCT unit’s control panel utilising integrated cameras and a live patient view. Users can see the patient live from the control panel for flexible and exact FOV positioning.

Planmeca VisoTM offers a wide volume selection to cover all clinical needs – from single tooth to full skull.
Single scans covering the entire maxillofacial area can be acquired without the need for stitching. The volume size can also be adjusted freely from 3x3 to 30x30 cm.
The unit’s remarkable 3D sensor is also fully capable of 2D imaging.

Planmeca is the first company in the maxillofacial imaging industry to introduce motion artefact correction, Planmeca CALM™ (Correction Algorithm for Latent Movement), to end users.

  •   • Never miss a shot
  •   • Patient movement correction
  •   • Capture artefact-free images
  •   • Cancel the effects of patient movement
  •   • Assure stability in imaging

With this new algorithm, patient movement during CBCT acquisition is no longer a reason for retakes. Planmeca CALM™ will not only save time for clinicians but also guard patients from unnecessary exposures.

Planmeca Viso introduces a new way of capturing Planmeca ProFace® facial photos.
The unit’s sensor has four built-in cameras and LED light strips for capturing highly detailed 3D photographs.
They can be combined with model scans of patients to enrich 3D treatment plans.


120 kV tube voltage enables optimised image quality for challenging imaging cases – reducing artefacts and ensuring higher contrast images.
The Planmeca Viso has a re-designed imaging arm that defines finesse in CBCT imaging.

support The unit’s rear head support provides stability without compromising patient comfort.
It has built-in sensors to detect patient size and offers option for different imaging needs.