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Planmeca ProModel is a patient-specific physical model for high-end maxillofacial operations and dental surgery. By reproducing the anatomy of the patient in real-size, Planmeca ProModel adds exceptional value to preoperative planning. The increased understanding of the case before the actual operation makes the workflow straightforward reducing operation time and risks. The model is proven to enhance aesthetic results, decrease complications, save time, and reduce costs.

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Planmeca ProModelT82; offers patient-specific implants, surgical guides and 3D skull models for maxillofacial surgery. Offer you the best tools to succeed in both pre-planning and the surgery itself.
  • • A unique service for creating patient-specific implants, surgical guides and 3D skull models from CBCT/CT images
  • • 3D implants are designed in an online session between the surgeon and Planmeca designer
  • • The implants are designed and manufactured to match any form
  • • Ordering is quick and easy
  • • Reduces operation times
  • • Faster and more precise operations leading to better aesthetic results

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ProModel As the model turns the patient anatomy into an actual hand-held replica, it can be used as a demonstration and communication tool not only between the surgical team and the patient, but also among the specialists of maxillofacial surgery.

A real-size model can be created from any of the Planmeca ProMax 3D imaging modes.

Nerv colourThe Planmeca ProModel ordering interface is integrated with the Planmeca Romexis software. Online ordering is made simple; once the desired 3D volume is acquired, all there is to do is to complete the order form in Planmeca Romexis, and the volume is instantly sent to Planmeca’s server.
To achieve anonymity, all personal information of the patient is removed before any data is transferred. Alternatively, volume and order information can be uploaded directly to FTP-server or burned on a CD or a DVD and mailed to Planmeca.

  • • High-precision anatomical model from patient’s CBCT or CT data
  • • Provides comprehensive information prior to actual operation
  • • Colours available to visualise tumours and other regions of interest
  • • Better fittings result in improved results: more accurate operations and distinguished aesthetic outcome
  • • Reduces operation times and overall costs
  • • Perfect tool for communicating and turning treatment plans into practice
  • • Autoclavable Planmeca ProModel for designing bone graft during operations
  • • Easy ordering options: via the Planmeca Romexis software, using FTP-upload or by sending a CD/DVD

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