MobileArt Evolution MX8

The MobileArt Evolution MX8 is a DR Ready solution providing excellent manoeuvrability and outstanding operability.

With a collapsible column and power-assist drive, MobileArt Evolution provides ease of use and excellent workflow.

This compact, manoeuvrable unit offers easy position in confined spaces and flexibility in a variety of situations.

The collapsible column has been developed to enhance forward visibility during travel, making it ideal for daily hospital rounds.

This is a premium feature originally designed for our MobileDaRt Evolution MX8 DR system, but now also available on our premium analogue system.

The optimised power assist system delivers natural light touch driving whether moving forward, backwards, stopping quickly, or changing directions

The system can be moved intuitively in support of your daily workflow.

The compact unit is only 56 cm wide, making it easy to manoeuvre, even in tight spaces. With a collapsible column, positioning can be achieved without interference from IV drip stands or other tall medical devices.

In addition, the body covers have been strengthened to prevent damage should the unit hit an object when moving around the wards. The unique soft-touch bumper automatically stops the unit when even the slightest pressure is detected.

The system is especially useful for imaging in ICUs, where there are numerous devices around the patient. With the long vertical stroke of the X-Ray tube and the extending telescopic arm, the MX8 is easily positioned for patient imaging.

The system is designed to allow operation from any direction. In addition, Shimadzu’s unique spring-balance mechanism enables smooth operation for precise positioning. It can be easily adjusted for accurate positioning and multi-directional shooting.

The system provides space for your own laptop PC for DR imaging.

A wire lock can be attached to the laptop PC for security and the laptop computer can be fastened to the multi-purpose tray with a band during travel.

*Laptop and DR system not included.

Compact but with enough storage space, the Flat Panel Detector storage box can accommodate up to a 43x43cm detector and grid, while a CR cassette storage type is also available for your selection.

For daily use, grooves have been added to hold the detector vertically while covering it with a sterile bag.

In addition, extra storage spaces are provided at the front to store wipes, pens, markers, etc.

The system is designed taking every important factor into consideration, such as security, workflow and does management.