RADspeed Manual

RADspeed Manual systems

The RADspeed is a high-performance general radiographic system.
Designed for optimal daily workflow, as a general X-ray system, wireless, tethered and fixed flat panels can be selected to best match your workflow. Additionally CR is fully supported.

Radspeed workflow The Shimadzu RADspeed has been designed to work seamlessly with the wireless flat panel system.
This provides for an optimised workflow:

  • • Register the patient using “Worklist”
  • • Select the desired examination
  • • Expose
  • • Review the image
  • • Select next projection in the “APRs” until all required exposures are complete
  • • Send images to PACS
  • • Monitor and document dose with the optional DAP meter integration
  • • Procedure complete

The ceiling mounted gantry provides extensive coverage and is easily manipulated.
The overhead tube support offers flexibility and ease of use.

The vertical stroke of the ceiling tube support is 1600 mm with the lowest point 400 mm above the floor.

Controls on back of support

Single hand operation and control from behind the tube support is included.

Radspeed manual room   The floor-mounted system is compact, offering high performance, high quality and a cost effective solution.


Tube positioning can be performed easily and quickly with the fine-tuned counter weight balance mechanism.


Controls manual The height adjust table combined with the tilting bucky wall stand (option) provide the flexibility required for procedures ranging from paediatric to bariatric patients, both ‘in bucky’ and ‘out of bucky’.

The high frequency, high voltage generator includes automatic examination protocols (APRs) providing excellent automatic operation with full manual override available at any time during the procedures. The X-ray generator is fully integrated into the wireless flat panel software. It provides full control and selection of the examination parameters from the workstation system thus further enhancing workflow. The X-ray generator is designed to illuminate and produce an audible tone advising the current exposure status to the operator. The chosen colour and audible tone is customisable. Additionally, the actual hand switch illuminates as a status indicator to the operator.

Generator colours




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