RADspeed Pro style edition Automatic

The RADspeed Pro style edition Automatic is a high-performance general radiographic system.

Engineered to improve patient care and workflow while achieving dose reductions, this system is available with fully automatic, tracking or manual system movements.      Watch the video…

POWER GLIDE™ will assist your X-ray tube positioning using intuitive motors making positioning quick and extremely light, just like “Gliding in Air”. It will reduce technologists’ burden and increase patient throughput.      Watch the video…

The auto-positioning feature is interlocked with the Examination Protocols (APRs), moving the ceiling-mounted X-ray tube support to any desired position at the press of a single button.

Effortless tube positioning allows the operator to focus on patient care. Naturally, manual operation is also possible making precise position corrections easy.

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Collimator When the Examination Protocol (APR) is selected for the region being imaged, the appropriate beam hardening filter is automatically selected in the X-ray collimator.

Using the filter presets for each APR, such as the extremities or abdomen, minimises unnecessary exposure to obtain high-quality radiographic images at the optimal X-ray dose.

The system features Calculated DAP as standard, with an ionisation DAP meter offered as an option. The dose information is displayed on the workstation monitor and is included in the DICOM header and RDSR for storage on the PACS system.

Tube Support X-ray tube support vertical range of 1,600 mm ensures sufficient SID when examining supine patients and low focal point radiography of standing patients.

This support also rotates on the vertical and horizontal axis in addition to fixed positioning at any desired angle, enabling fast positioning at complex angles for orthopaedic applications.

Bucky Table The motor driven elevating table can support a patient weighing up to 295 kg making it possible to perform examinations on paediatric through to bariatric patients.

The table top is free floating with electromagnetic breaks, providing easy and safe patient positioning.

Bucky Wall Stand With the optional tracking solution, the overhead tube support is designed to track the Bucky wall stand, improving patient focused care.

To facilitate excellent work flow, both versions can be used with the optional 43 X 43cm wireless flat panel detectors.

The microcomputer controlled high frequency X-ray generator includes full integration into the offered DR imaging systems, providing RIS mapping and excellent automatic operation with full manual override available at any time during the procedures.

The LCD screen and illumination colour can change according to the Bucky table or X-ray tube settings selected. Different alarm sounds can also be specified for various events, such as when preparation for exposure is complete.

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DR Imaging A choice of our premium DR imaging solutions is offered for your selection:

  •   • Shimadzu
  •   • Konica Minolta
  •   • Canon

Each of these solutions provide a selection of 3 wireless flat panel detector sizes to choose from, including full format 43 x 43cm wireless detectors.

As an additional option to improve workflow even further, a fully automatic long leg and spine acquisition system is available.

Images are taken while swinging the X-ray tube and moving the Flat Panel Detector. These images are automatically stitched together to obtain wide-range images along the body axis.

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Orderly Cable Management Shimadzu provides an optional tractable cable management system along the ceiling rails that supports neat cable management and smooth positioning.

As an option, a rotating Bucky tray for a 35 x 43cm wireless flat panel detector is offered for the Bucky wall stand and/or the Bucky table.
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