RADspeed Pro EDGE

High-Performance General DR system providing new clinical values.  

The RADspeed Pro EDGE offers optional advanced imaging applications including Tomosynthesis, Dual Energy and High Speed Stitching.

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RADspeed Pro EDGE

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RADspeed Pro EDGE
Advanced Imaging
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RADspeed Pro EDGE
Advanced Imaging
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RADspeed Pro EDGE
Advanced Imaging
Dual Energy

Tomosynthesis is a new low dose digital imaging technology that combines cone-beam CT reconstruction with digital image processing.
This option allows images of any cross section to be obtained easily from volume data acquired from a single tomographic type acquisition. (Option)

Erect weight bearing and supine Tomosynthesis provides exceptional clinical imaging.

Tomosynthesis provides ‐
  • Low dose volume imaging
  • Low metal artefacts
  • High spatial resolution

By taking successive high and low voltage images and applying a calculation process, soft- tissue images and bone images can be viewed separately.

Shadows of nodes obscured by ribs can be rendered in the soft-tissue images, or calcification can be rendered in the bone images. (Option)

The X-ray tube swings and the FPD moves automatically to capture long leg and long spine image data.

The captured image data is then automatically stitched together in the DR system. This makes it easy to create long images that extend across larger areas of the body.

Speed Stitch can be performed erect on the wall stand and lying on the tabletop.

High Speed Speed Stitch is available with the 43 x 43cm Csi with handle FPD. (Option)

Shimadzu offers a selection of Wireless Flat Panel Detectors to best suite your current needs and to provide for future expansion within your department.

  • 43 x 43cm Csi with handle - This high performance FPD provides the best in patient coverage and is a prerequisite for the Tomosynthesis, Duel Energy and High Speed Speed Stitching options.

  • 43 x 43cm GOS - Providing excellent patient coverage.

  • 35 x 43cm GOS - A good practical general use FPD

  • 35 x 43cm Csi - High sensitivity general purpose FPD

  • 24 x 30cm Csi - High sensitivity extremity out of bucky FPD

The integrated DR workstation provides excellent workflow from Worklist Mapping automatically linking to the Examination Protocols and the Image Processing preferences to full DICOM connectivity.

Images are displayed within about 1 second of exposure.

The images are automatically processed using the preferred protocols and can be manually adjusted at any time if required.

The microprocessor controlled X-ray generator and the automatic exposure control ensure the lowest possible X-ray dose for each image.

The collimator is fitted with automatically controlled Beam Hardening Filters which reduce any soft radiation, ensuring the highest possible X-ray beam quality at all times.

A Dose Area Product (DAP) meter is provided which measures the actual patient dose and stores this within the DICOM header for transfer to the PACS system.

The versatile bucky table has been redesigned to provide for long leg and long spine imaging in the lying position, while still providing height adjustment and provision for paediatric to bariatric patient examinations.

The long bucky travel and tabletop movement provide full patient coverage and recumbent stitching of up to 120cm.

The Overhead Tube Support with integrated colour display together with the Bucky Table and Bucky Wall Stand provide an excellent solution for easy patient imaging. When used together with the Tracking and Auto Positioning options, further improvements in workflow are achievable.

The RADspeed Pro EDGE includes the option to connect to an iPad or iPhone.

This provides a portable user interface including Patient Information, Patient Image Display, Remote Desktop and Smart Controller Key.




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