Slot Imaging

Making the Invisible Visible

SLOT Advance, available on the Sonialvision G4 system, provides long leg and spine images.

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Large Field of View

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Weight Bearing Imaging

Low Dose Extremities

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Easy Workflow

Fast Image Acquisition

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Distortion Free Imaging

Accurate Measurements

Slot images are acquired using a narrow perpendicular X-ray beam tracking past the patient, producing a long image with almost no geometric distortion or magnification and very accurate measurements.

Slot imaging offers, among others, the following features:

  •   • Large field of view, providing excellent patient coverage ideal for flexation, long spines and long leg imaging.

  •   • Weight bearing images. Imaging can be performed at any patient angle from erect to recumbent to Trendelenburg.

  •   • Fast acquisition scan times, reducing the burden on patients and staff. Slot images are acquired and displayed in real time.

  •   • Low X-ray dose rates.

  •   • High Quality Mode.

  •   • High Speed Mode.

  •   • The images are stored and processed in full DICOM format.

Slot images are quick and easy to acquire and process, reducing the burden on patients and staff using the following workflow:

  •   • The patient is positioned on the table.
  •   • The appropriate examination protocol is selected.
  •   • The Region of Interest (ROI) is selected.
  •   • The Slot image is acquired and displayed in real time.
  •   • The acquired image is then available for annotation, sending to PACS or printing.

In conventional stitching and long view CR imaging, there is elongation and distortion caused by the diverging X-ray beam.

In Slot Advance, due to the perpendicular nature of the X-ray beam, there is practically no geometric distortion or elongation of the acquired image.

As such, the resultant Slot Advance images are very accurate in their anatomic representation.

Slot Advance imaging is a low dose imaging modality. However, an additional low dose-imaging mode is provided for extremities.

This mode of operation regulates the X-ray tube current as the scan progresses down the extremities, reducing the already low dose by about another 30%.

The following measurements and annotation features are provided:

  •   • Cobb Angle measurement.
  •   • Distance measurements.
  •   • Angle measurements
  •   • Calibration
  •   • Text
  •   • Arrows
  •   • Ellipse

Bariatric imaging Slot Advance is available as an option on the Shimadzu Sonialvision G4 system, making this fluoro system more flexible and improving the return on investment within your department.

Remote controlled digital Fluoroscopy system incorporating Fluoro, DR, DSA, Tomosynthesis and Slot radiography.

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