Opescope Acteno

Surgical Mobile C-Arm Imaging System providing great flexibility.  

This is the pinnacle of the evolving OPESCOPE range.



Free and easy positioning achieves optimal performance to meet the demands of the modern procedure room. The total system pursues high image quality and ease of use while reducing radiation dose to patients and staff.

Opescope Acteno


The excellent mobility of the fully counterbalanced C-arm offers rapid and accurate positioning according to the surgeon's wishes.

The manual C-arm movements make positioning easy and eliminate the danger of collisions with the operating table or other objects.


The Opescope Acteno is designed without any cables protruding from the C-Arm or between the C-Arm and the main unit. This makes it very easy to cover with sterile drapes and to manoeuvre into the optimal position during procedures.

Once the procedure is complete, the C-arms cable free design and ergonomically contoured surfaces makes it easy to clean.


The C-arm is easily positioned using the electromagnetic locks with controls conveniently located on both side of the C-arm unit.

The optional live image display on the touch panel control monitor improves workflow within the procedure room.

The "3C" memory save time during procedures by automatically reproducing image collimation, rotation and X-ray conditions when the C-Arm is moved from one position to the next.

  • » Camera rotation        Image rotational position memory
  • » Collimation               Collimator position memory
  • » X-ray Condition         X-ray condition memory

With the intelligent image adjuster, one touch is all that is required for real-time optimization.

Compact and easy to move

The compact and cleverly designed geometry of this system allows easy positioning and maneuverability.

The wide, counterbalanced cable-free C-arm reduces interference with the operating table during procedures and is easily cleaned.

The C-arm unit is only 80cm wide, allowing easy movement through doors into storage and procedure rooms.

The performing physician can easily move the C-arm into their preferred position by simply pressing the "Doctor Handle" button on the front of the imaging system.

This simplifies C-arm positioning during procedures.

The optional "Touch Focus" provides the best possible image quality for the selected region of interest.
Excellent image quality is achieved even when the patient is moved off centre and when metal devices are present in the image.

The high-powered pulsed X-ray together with the high resolution imaging system provides excellent high-resolution images with low dose rates.

As an option, the touchscreen can show the live fluoroscopic images during procedures, improving workflow.

The standard 172-image memory accepts loop and one-shot images during surgery and can be upgraded to 30,000 images with full digital and DICOM compatibility.

Easy access

The large colour touchscreen display can be customized to suit the operator and procedure type –

  • » "Simple mode" automatically displays images instantly in emergency situations.
  • » "Expert mode" allows precise settings of the radiography conditions to best suite the procedure.
  • » "Preset Examination Protocols" provide easy body part parameter selection.

For peace of mind, the total system design incorporates functions to maintain high image quality and reduce X-ray exposure, even during long surgical procedures.

Beam Hardening (BH) filters are automatically selected to cut out soft radiation while pulsed fluoroscopy at up to 15fps is available as standard, maintaining high image quality while reducing the X-ray dose.

Virtual Collimation and rotation reduces X-ray dose allowing collimation and rotation of the image using the last-image-hold function.

The "3C" memory reduces X-ray dose during procedures by automatically reproducing image collimation, rotation and X-ray conditions when the C-Arm is moved from one position to the next.

The system may be configured with various options at the point of sale or upgraded in the field at a later date to best suite your changing requirements –

  • » Digital Imaging Unit
  • » Image Data Archive
  • » DICOM Connectivity
  • » Fluoro image display on control panel
  • » Touch Focus
  • » Laser pointer from II to tube side
  • » Laser pointer from tube to II side
  • » DSA – Real Time
  • » RSM Motion Tolerant DSA