Flexavision F3

The 3 in 1 digital solution for the modern X-ray department, providing R/F, Digital fluoroscopy and DR imaging.

The Flexavision F3 is a portable dynamic FPD remote controlled X-ray system performing Fluoroscopy, Digital Radiology and Universal Digital Radiology, providing more efficient utilization of the examination room.

A second FPD can be added providing unparalleled flexibility.

Lady with FPD

The portable FPD is dynamic and can perform fluoroscopy and DR series acquisition at up to 15 fps. The system is equipped with a large 35 x 43 cm field of view FPD covering a wide range of examinations. As the FPD can be rotated in the bucky, landscape and portrait orientation are easily achievable.

An optional wireless FPD can be added to further improve flexibility and workflow.


Images from the high quality FPD are acquired and processed with a high resolution of up to 2,688 x 2,208 pixels without performing or any matrix compression. As a result, the area of interest can be observed clearly and in high detail.
DICOM3.0 with MWM, storage and print is included to provide seamless integration into the hospital network.


The FLEXAVISION grid can be inserted or removed to suit the radiography application. The grid can easily be removed for paediatric, obstetrics and gynecological examinations when radiation dose to the patient must be kept to a minimum


Three beam hardening (BH) filters are provided as standard within the collimator to effectively remove unnecessary soft X-rays that do not contribute to image quality. The optimal BH filter is selected to suit the examination keeping exposure dose as low as reasonably possible.
The collimator is fitted with rubber cushions to prevent injury and electrically controlled collimator blades for easy, precise collimation.

Pulsed fluoroscopy

As a standard feature, four modes of pulsed fluoroscopy (up to 15fps) can be selected to suit the examination to reduce the patient dose while maintaining high image quality.

Patient Access

The compact design of the system provides easy all round patient access and allows for easy patient transfer while the large table top makes patient positioning easy. The optional height adjustable version further increases patient comfort and the flexibility of the examination room.
In addition, the small footprint makes effective use of the space available within your examination room.

Angle of tube


The FPD can be used on the table, to perform skyline and other radiography procedures in projections that are difficult to achieve with traditional R/F tables.

Extreme angles required for views such as Towne’s projection can be easily performed using the oblique projection feature.




Chest radiography is possible with the table vertical and the X-ray tube unit extended to 1.5 m SID or with the optional 2.0m SID. For greater flexibility, a bucky wall stand can be installed to provide 1.8 m or greater SID. This can be configured with the fluoro system tube or an additional overhead tube.


Wheelchair erect
Wheelchair patients are easily accommodated in a verity of positions.
The lateral flat panel holder is used for enema, cervical vertebra and other lateral projections.
Once removed from the fluoro bucky, the FPD can be combined with a vertical bucky stand.

The dynamic FPD can be removed form the table bucky and used in an optional Bucky Wall Stand fitted with a removable grid.
As an additional option, a fixed or wireless FPD can be added to the system to improve workflow and to adapt to your changing requirements.

The dynamic FPD can be removed form the table bucky and used in conjunction with an optional overhead mounted X-ray tube to perform lateral shoot through procedures.

The dynamic FPD can be removed form the table bucky and used with either the integrated F3 X-ray tube or an optional overhead mounted X-ray tube to perform out of bucky examinations.
An optional wireless FPD can be added to further improve flexibility and workflow.

The rotating table bucky provides easy FPD positioning for portrait or landscape imaging ensuring excellent patient coverage.

The Flexavision F3 is designed to be a flexible and comprehensive solution for any X-ray department. In addition to the standard configuration, several options are available to customize the system to your unique requirements, including a choice of X-ray generator power, X-ray tubes and adding an additional overhead tube and wall stand to increase the flexibility of your examination room.

The portable dynamic FPD provides a solution for all your imaging needs. Imaging
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