Workstation - NE Software

Full integration with the Canon NE Workstation.

Departmental workflow benefits from the latest DR technology available.

Each system is based around the control computer with user-friendly software forming the workstation which integrates the flat panels and X-ray system. nesw1

Up to 4 flat panels can be active at any time on a single workstation.  This includes combinations of wireless, tethered and fixed flat panels.

Wireless flat panels can be shared between X-ray rooms and mobiles providing a cost effective solution while improving workflow.

Individual users to be allocated logons and passwords which will automatically associate that user with the patient registration, acquired images be added to the DICOM header.

User profiles may include 3 levels of access, allowing operators to be assigned basic, intermediate or advanced access level. This allows higher authorised users greater control over the image processing and system settings.  An auto logoff can be programmed if desired to lock the software when left unattended. 

The X-ray system and the workstation are fully integrated.  Examination protocols are selected on the workstation which will automatically control the X-ray generator, facilitating a better workflow and consistent exposures.

A status bar provides instant information in relation to the wireless flat pane signal strengths and battery levels.


Image preview is available in 3 seconds with the fully processed image 2 seconds later.  With a cycle time of just 15 seconds, workflow is optimised.

When the X-ray system is fitted with a compatible DAP meter, the dose information may be included on the display, on the printed images and in the DICOM header.

The system may be tailored to the department’s requirements.  User selectable fields may be added or removed and marked as required or optional.  This information will be sent to PACS and can be used to replace request forms.  Reject analysis generates a report which may be exported.

The Shimadzu solution offers automatic stitching of up to 4 images as a standard feature built into the supplied workstation.  This does not require any addition equipment in the X-ray room and uses the tube rotation method of image acquisition.

The stitching of the images is performed automatically, with the option for manual correction and or stitching as the case may require.

Measurement tools for Cobb angle and height difference are included providing easy analysis of the stitched images.

As an additional option to improve workflow even further, a fully automatic long leg / spine acquisition system is available.
This consists of a patient stand which is positioned in front of the wall stand providing patient support and automatic image acquisition.
The operator centres the X-ray tube then selects the start and end positions using the collimator light.
Thereafter the tube and bucky positions are controlled automatically with the X-ray exposures.
After the images have been acquired, they are automatically stitched in the workstation.
Automatic acquisition and stitching is also available on the bucky table for supine procedures.