Canon 710 Detectors

Durable IPX7 Wireless Flat Panel Detectors solutions providing excellent workflow and patient care.      

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Canon's next generation wireless detector line-up takes you to new heights of possibilities in Digital Radiography. Reduced weight, waterproof, on-board memory and enhanced detector design are just a few of the clinically beneficial new features.

A selection of 3 different sizes providing optimal workflow, flexibility and patient care:

•  43 x 43 cm - CXDI-410CW (Large FOV)
•  35 x 43 cm - CXDI-710CW (General imaging)
•  27 x 35 cm - CXDI-810CW (Ideal for Humidicribs and neonatal imaging)

The wireless system ensures best performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and versatility.


Using superlight and strong carbon fibre construction techniques, Canon has achieved significant weight reduction, providing detectors that are among the lightest currently available.

Despite their feather light characteristics, the carbon chassis and frame ensure high performance and high durability, tested for the rigours of demanding daily use.

The sleek, tough and ergonomically sculpted housing offers more combatable handling and is easier to grip.

The smooth rounded corners and the selection of high quality composite materials make positioning easier and improve patient comfort.

The use of new composite materials has not only decreased the weight of each detector, but is also beneficial for strength and durability.

The new Canon CXDI series wireless detectors can withstand a load of up to 310 kg, allowing direct weight-bearing imaging with obese patients.

X-ray detectors may be used in a harsh environment with unavoidable exposure to water and dust.

Ensuring stable operation in any circumstance, the Canon 710 series detectors conform to the water and dust resistance rating of IPX7, ensuring excellent fluid and dust ingress protection.

Comprehensive image processing including 'Scatter Correction' imaging provides a Grid-Free imaging mode, ensuring the best possible image quality at the lowest possible dose rates, even without a grid.

The multi-function docking station improves your workflow, providing the following functions in one compact unit:

•  Detector check-in
•  Detector battery charging
•  Image transfer - Storage mode


The new Canon CXDI series wireless detectors are provided with on-board image memory for those situations where you need the detector to be fully independent.

Up to 99 images can be stored within the Flat Panel Detector's on-board memory and transferred to a workstation at your convenience.

When using multiple detectors in one room, a specific detector can be selected not only from the DR modality workstation but also simply by pressing the 'Ready' button directly on the detector or on the optional Status Indicator.

Automatic Stitching of up to 4 images is provided as standard within the supplied software. Images can be acquired either erect or supine and stitched together to produce long leg or long spine images.

Manual correction and adjustment is provided for fine corrections if required.

CXDI Control Software NE is made exclusively for use with Canon Digital Radiography systems, providing excellent image quality at low X-ray dose rates.

The intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be used for all types of digital radiography procedures and can be tailored to best suit your requirements and workflow.

Up to 4 flat panels can be supported by each X-ray system with any combination of wireless flat panels being used.

Additionally, panels can be moved from room to room or shared with compatible mobile X-ray systems. For example, each system may have a 35x43cm Flat Panel Detector and the department may choose to share one 27x35cm panel.