Konica Minolta AeroDR 3

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High Resolution, 100micron Wireless FPD's.
The next generation wireless Flat Panel Detectors incorporating the most sophisticated technology.

The AeroDR 3 features low dose, high resolution and high image quality all housed in a robust panel providing a powerful and reliable workflow.

 AeroDR 3

The AeroDR 3 provides unsurpassed resolution due to the very small pixel size, ensuring excellent image quality. The operator can select between 100 and 200 micron modes to best suite the current examination.

With the advanced Monocoque Housing Structure and integrated lithium ion capacitor (battery), the overall panel weight is kept to a minimum while still providing excellent load and bending resistance.

Up to 400kg patient load over the surface of the FPD is provided.

Up to 180kg point load enhanced performance.

Battery charger The Monocoque Housing Structure affords trouble-free operation even under substantial shock or load. Since the lithium ion capacitor (battery) is incorporated within the panel, a notch for battery replacement is not required, making the overall structure more durable.

Because of this, the FPD is appreciably light in weight and has excellent load bearing performance.

Battery charger The IPX6 rating provides confidence in the durability of this panel ensuring excellent dust and fluid ingress protection. The Monocoque Housing Structure and integrated lithium ion capacitor (battery) system ensures that this flat panel detector is easy to clean and maintain within your department.

Battery charger The advanced Realism DR software with “Intelligent Grid" image processing reduces the need for the use of a grid, further improving your patient care.

Battery charger The new design with contoured recesses, together with the careful choice of materials used, provide a more secure hand grip, improving the handling of the panel.

With a focus on high image quality at low dose rates, the CsI Scintillator is evenly distributed in a thick layer over the high sensitivity TFT panel. This results in a high DQE while producing a diagnostic image with excellent signal to noise rations.

With the preview image displayed in less than 2 seconds and a rapid cycle time of about 7 seconds in 100-micron mode and as low as 4 seconds in 200-micron mode, a rapid workflow is ensured and the operator can focus on providing patient care.

The Tube and Gauze enhancement algorithm works well with the 100micron pixel size, making it easy to identify the top of tubes and post- operative gauze left in a patient.

X-ray adiography is possible without a Console on any clinical X-ray using the integrated "AeroStorage" X-ray mode. Switch the Aero DR 3 to Aero Storage mode and perform up to 100 exposures at a time. Once you have captured the images, return the panel to a compatible Konica Minolta workstation and upload the images from the panel to the system for further processing in the normal way.

In place of a traditional battery, the AeroDR system uses an integrated lithium ion capacitor, achieving a full charge in 30 minuets, which provides about 300 images in a normal workflow.

In the event of a complete discharge, a rapid charge of only a few minutes will provide enough capacity to complete the current procedure.