Konica Minolta AeroDR Family

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Faster, flexible and reliable. Aero DR is the easiest way to Achieve Digital workflow.
A selection of 3 different sizes is available, AeroSync DR 24 x 30, 35 x 43 cm and 43 x 43 cm wireless FPS’s.

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A selection of 3 different sizes is available,

  • Aero DR 43 x 43 cm (Large FOV)
  • Aero DR 35 x 43 cm (General imaging)
  • Aero DR 24 x 30 cm (Ideal for Humidicribs and neonatal imaging)

With the 43 x 43 cm FPD there is no longer any need to rotate the panel from portrait to landscape or vice versa within the bucky tray. The large field of view allows for easy positioning of large patients while reducing the potential for positioning errors.

High sensitivity, image quality and compact size makes the AeroSync ideal for NICU.


AeroSync DR Detectors are the lightest FPD’s in the world while retaining excellent strength and durability.

Battery charger


The AeroSync DR cassette sized detectors have the same dimensions as an ISO 4090 compliant film cassette so they will fit into existing buckies without costly modifications.

Technologists can easily perform in and out of bucky exams such as table top or lateral projections.

Battery charger The carbon fiber “Monocoque case" ensures trouble-free operation even under substantial shock or load. Since the battery is incorporated in the cassette (it need not be replaced), it is unnecessary to provide the case with a notch for battery replacement which would reduce the rigidity of the case. Because of this, the cassette case that is appreciably light in weight has sufficient rigidity. Thanks in part to the buffer effect of the built-in battery, the load bearing performance of the FPD is exceptional.

The optimal combination of the AeroSync DR detector using a CsI scintillator combined with Konica Minolta advanced image processing technology delivers excellent image quality and lower patient dose.
Konica Minolta patented technology is used whereby the CsI scintillator is in direct contact with the TFT sensor panel without any additional layer in between them, thus providing a direct focused light transfer to the TFT sensor.
This technology has made it possible to guide the light emitted from the scintillator to the photodiode without causing the light to be dispersed at the interface with the TFT sensor.
As a result, higher resolution images are achieved.

Battery charger An integrated Lithium ion capacitor is used in place of a conventional battery offering exceptional life expectancy, a reduction in weight and rapid charging times. To fully charge the lithium ion capacitor from flat takes only 30 minutes and in an emergency situation charging for just 3 minutes will provide about 10 exposures.
As the lithium ion capacitor is integrated into the FPD, the operator will never need to replace the battery, making operation even easier.
These Lithium ion capacitors are reliable long life components that do not need to be replaced during the expected life cycle of the detectors.

User interface
The Konica Minolta CS7 workstation is a fully functional DR system including full HIS/RIS and PACS functionality.
DR workflow from worklist through to image acquisition and processing with DICOM send and print are all designed to provide an optimal workflow.

After exposure, a preview image appears in just three seconds on the display of the new CS-7 console. The CS-7 has a user-friendly graphic interface adding new and powerful proprietary functions to the previous consoles and can be shared between CR and DR.

The AeroSync DR FPD can be shared between different X-ray rooms and mobiles. In addition, more than one AeroSync FPD can be used in any system at any given time. This means for example, one FPD can be in the bucky wall stand and another can be used for the table bucky and out of bucky examinations.
When a FPD is in a bucky, it can be connected via the wired magnetic connector directly to the system. This will trickle charge the battery and allow the FPD to work like a fixed FPD, but will still offer the flexibility of a wireless solution when removed from the bucky. Aero Solutions

The new CS-7 console provides full integration with the Shimadzu X-ray systems providing comprehensive fully automatic examination protocols while full manual control is still available when required.

A single CS-7 console can connect simultaneously to up to 4 FPD’s and 15 CR systems providing a flexible solution for any X-ray department. Integrated solution
Full DICOM functionality is supported.

A cost effective upgrade path from CR to DR.