NeuViz 64

64-Slice Scanner System - increasing diagnostic confidence and growing clinical applications through continuing innovation.  


The NeuViz 64 CT scanner is the latest step in Neusoft’s continuing innovation in CT, providing increased coverage, better image quality and faster examinations. 

The system configuration is designed to produce optimum image quality with the lowest possible radiation exposure. Advanced Iterative Reconstruction (AIR) technology delivers excellent image quality at extremely low dose. NeuViz 64 provides the user with benefits that help cut operating costs, improve departmental productivity, increase diagnostic confidence and grow clinical applications.


The NeuViz-64 is designed to minimise patient dose while producing excellent image quality.

• 8.0 MHU / 5MHU tube configured with powerful 80 kW / 50KW high voltage generator

• New generation GOS detector with low afterglow and high geometric efficiency

• Exclusive Quad-Sampling Acquisition Technology

• ClearView Iterative Reconstruction Technology

• Lower Dose and ECG Dose Modulation

• Maximum patient throughput with an exceptionally compact design

• Powerful workstation (AVW) for all advanced applications


Intelligent Quad-Sampling realizes simultaneous double acquisition in X and Z directions on any projection. Ultrahigh rotation speed and robust lifetime ensure excellent image quality with high spatial resolution.

ClearView transforms noisy, low dose images into high quality diagnostic studies, often delivering better image quality than the equivalent high dose studies. As a result, lower dose rates can be used while producing excellent imaging.

Iterative reconstruction is applied in both the projection and image space to preserve all edges, troughs and anatomical detail and pathology while scanning at low dose rates.

Card imaging

Fast, precise cardiac imaging is achieved using ECG tube current modulation and ClearView iterative reconstruction to reduce dose levels while providing excellent image quality.




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